Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Depression's got me bad, y'all.

Too much melatonin, too little Vitamin D, PMS, Post Drinking Depression...I don't know what all. I've got blog posts stored up, a little list beside the computer, but I just cannot snap out of it. If I had money (reason #347 to be depressed) I'd be going back on the Paxil right now.

Gert's having her tooth surgery on Friday and I'm unreasonably frightened about it. Gert is 14 years old and when she was little, she was so sickly that we never did her teeth because we were afraid to sedate her. Now I'm even more afraid to sedate her. I feel like maybe I love those dogs too much. I feel like if you asked for my for each...or my for each...if they could just live forever--Well, consider it done. Consider it not even a decision. Those dogs are my heart. I shouldn't love things so much that will die so far before me. I know that seems crazy.

So, Idol's back on. One more sign of spring. And I'm glad because, like the seeds, it let's me know that the winter will end. One of my very first blog posts was about Idol last year and so I also know that I'm about to hit the first anniversary of this awesomeness being a part of my life. Thanks for bearing with me while I hibernate and try to get through February.


Gina said...

I don't know what could make you feel better, but I hope it happens soon!

pen said...

hang in there, spring is just around the corner. i can feel it. in the meantime, find some daffodils to admire. they always help.

but, really, what is it about february? i have a list of friends who get depressed in feb, and i'm not sure i'm not one of them. at least it's the shortest month.

laura said...

Moonpie's going in for a tooth-cleaning, too. It's apparently National Doggie Dental Month or something. Scary. I don't like the idea of putting her lights out just to clean her teeth. She's so small. What if they use too much juice?

Thomas S. Brock said...

Buck up, Megs. May is right around the corner and that means Sharks baseball!

If we make it through to Spring, I'll treat you and that other Tom to a game and a beer!

Slater said...

I concur.

ashley said...

I, too, find February to be a downer. The whole month is like the realization that it's been winter too long, dark too long, dead too long.

And I hope Gert is back to her Gert tricks in no time. Mr. Kudzu is sitting patiently beside me watching me type, and I don't know what I'd do without him, so I'm with you on that loving your pets too much front.

velocibadgergirl said...

Hugs and many hot cups of tea (or whatever your preferred beverage is).


Andrea Q. said...

It's almost March!!!

I'm going to call you again. Much news. Much to discuss. Meanwhile, feel the love -- I'm thinking happy thoughts for you!

hat said...

American Idol is on. Perhaps listening to Simon's biting (but dead-on) remarks to the contestants might help cheer you up...? It does me... Hahahaha