Saturday, February 17, 2007

When Seagulls Attack

So, Thomas was watching The Birds the other day and it reminded me of my first spring break from college.

For some reason, a huge proportion of Guilford College students come from suburban Maryland and hence I knew and traveled with a group of 5 people from my dorm. We took turns driving home for breaks, and our first spring break, we all decided that we'd go to the beach in Delaware together. We piled into my friend Kim's tiny (two door, even?) car, all 5 of us and all our luggage.

I should pause to note how much luggage first-year college students travel with. And then I'll also pause to note that that winter we'd had a horrible blizzard in DC and were all snowed in from Christmas break. We were two days late for Spring semester when our parents were so collectively tired of hearing us bitch about how badly we wanted to go back to college that they paid a guy to pick us all up, take us to Union Station and put us on a train back to North Carolina. The train took 12 hours to get to Greensboro. At around midnight, when we arrived in freezing, ice-coated Greensboro, I called a cab to come get us and take us to school. And then I called another cab, because my roommate (hi Kim!) brought so much luggage that we couldn't fit it in the cab. Seriously.

So it was a herculean effort to fit Kim, another Kim, Becki, Chris and me into this tiny car with every single thing that any of us had ever owned.

Kim's mom used to buy food in bulk from Sam's Club, and when I say food, I mean the most amazing quantity of junk food that you have ever seen in your life. Kim's pantry at home was like walking into a convenience store and hence we all slept over at her house a lot. So for this trip, she had sent us the motherlode of all Girl Scout cookies. They were crammed in between us on the seats, shoved into the rear window, piled onto the floor boards. Yum.

So, naturally, we decided that we would stop at the outlets on the way to Rehobeth. Cause we needed more stuff to put in the car.

We all shopped and then climbed over one another trying to get back in the car with all our new parcels, when someone kicked an open box of Girl Scout cookies out of the car and they spilled all over the parking lot. Within seconds, a humongous flock of seagulls was on us. They were everywhere! In the car! Snatching Girl Scout cookies!

And then, just like that, the cookies were gone and so were they.

Too bad they didn't take some of our luggage with them.

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Gina said...

Seagulls are so damn aggressive!

It is some kind of sacrilege to not stop at an outlet mall, no matter how full the car.