Sunday, October 07, 2007

All the News That's Fit to Blog

This has been a lovely weekend, which Thomas and I totally deserved after a really crappy week that included the air being let out of my tires, a red-light ticket in the mail, and way too little sleep, among other things.

We stayed in all weekend and rested and I am feeling much better than usual on a Sunday night. Though that might be due to the fact that I tried the new "invigorating" diet pepsi today. Bring on the caffeine, indeed.

Today we celebrated my little sister-in-law, Jessica's 15th birthday. Happy Birthday, Jessica! We gave her a huge holographic Harry Potter standee from the 5th movie. I had to touch it a lot before we gave it to her, and I think a little bit of my heart is still in Boiling Spring Lakes with it.

Thomas's brother Chris brought the first oysters of the season and they were delish.

I'm relishing the new NaBloPoMo site and totally gearing up for some serious posting come November. One of my favorite parts of the new site is that we can add friends--and I'm loving getting to friend some of the bloggers I met last November.

Obligatory novel discussion that you are welcome to start ignoring: Finished chapter 20 and got a good start on 21 this weekend. I'm now on page 288. I can hardly believe it. Things have taken a really excellent turn, and some plot threads that I had been having trouble wrapping up have figured themselves out nicely.

Ooh! In further good news, I finally found a decent bra. Since Hanes discontinued my life-long favorite this year, I've been struggling to find a concoction of wire, spandex and cotton that could contain my rather monstrous rack. Hooray for Fruit of the Loom for bucking tradition and making bras with both underwires and diagonal seams and for making them in colors other than white and peach.


Jonathan said...

I'm looking forward to NaBloPoMo too, and am feeling like I might have to prune my blogroll ever so slightly... I logged in this morning to 19 unread blog posts (I had none last night).

My breaks during the day are going to be filled with commenting...

Slater said...

Call me to fill me in on the writing, please...I think you may be inspiring me slightly (and I do mean slightly)...and HOORAY for the new bra!!!

Gina said...

I need to re-do my blog template before NBPM starts, cuz it looks like crap right now.

Yay for comfy bras, life is hell without one.