Thursday, October 04, 2007

Slackity Slack

My sister pointed out to me today that I had not yet blogged this month. I immediately yelled that I had posted 6 times--SIX! And then realized it was October. Hrm. Time is flying.

I had hoped to be finished with the novel, but instead am on page 269, which is not bad, but not exactly where I'd hoped I'd be. I had hoped for a nice round 300...but it is clear that I'm not going to be able to wrap up in 30 pages...can't even see the end yet...ah, well. It's still fun. Though I'm getting up at 5:30 now, so as to be able to write before I go to work and 5:30 is not fun.

I'm mostly just very, very tired. I started my fall walking routine a month ago, and though I've set myself a nice, regimented schedule, just how I like things, I find I'm falling into bed exhausted--sleeping before I've fully hit the pillow. Right now the schedule is as follows:

5:30 Wake, feed dogs and turtle, check email, write for an hour, take a shower, dress.

7:30 Arrive at school. Teach.

3:00 Errands, if there are any. Check email again. Feed dogs and turtle. Otherwise writing until 5.

5:00 Walk four miles.

6:30 Eat. Converse with long-suffering husband.

8:30 Grade.

9:30 Lift weights.

10:00 Die.


School is good, but my 6 year-olds are so 6. So, so, so 6. Today I helped one of them make a book about disasters: I drew avalanches and blizzards, tsunamis and earthquakes, hurricanes and tornados...we even threw in a car crash for good measure. Sometimes I worry that I shouldn't indulge these morbid interests, but then, he'll learn about it all in science this year anyway. Well, not the car crashes.

I also found myself in an extended conversation with a 10 year old about neurotoxins today. I'm full of levity at school, apparently.


Jonathan said...

You seem so driven compared to me - getting up at that time in the morning to write!

The next time I am feeling particularly procrastinatory, I will come back and read this post.

Gina said...

Wow, that is impressive! I'm tired just looking at your day!