Thursday, December 06, 2007

Scar Tissue

Tonight I was talking to my sister who recently took a bad tumble with her bike. She was telling me that the bruising took some days to reach the surface, as a really bad bruise will.

I reminded her of the time I fell down and skinned my knee on my way to my first day of a new job ("Hi, I'm the new girl, and I'm bleeding, so I have to go now...")

and the time I slipped while dancing, landed on a box and got a hematoma in my butt, necessitating a donut pillow. Classy.

I said, "Did you know that sometimes when you bruise yourself that badly, you get a little knot of scar tissue deep inside you?"

"Yes," she said, and reminded me that that's sometimes a beginning problem in breast cancer.

It reminded me of a long ago time in which my mom, Ali and I were walking along Water Street downtown. It was pouring rain, and we were making for high ground, heading up the hill to Front Street. My mom turned and marveled at how fast the water was rising and I turned to look---

and ran full-tilt-boogie into a parking meter. With my boob.

Oh, god, the pain. It was brilliant, shining pain.

And my mom said, "You'll want to remember that later, if you get breast cancer."

Thanks, Mom.


laura said...

I have a scar through my right eyebrow from walking into a parking meter -- you wouldn't think they're that tall, but they are. It happened on my way into work at a new job-- not my first day but sometime in my first week. I was afraid to say that I ran into a parking meter for fear it would make me look dumb and clumsey. It was a waitressing job and I obviously couldn't serve french toast bleeding from the head like I was. So, fast thinker that I am, I lied and said I hit myself in the head with mt own car door. ?????

Jonathan said...

I managed to dislocate my kneecap while lifting luggage into a taxi.

I have never known pain like it in my life, and I never want to know again.

monkeydiggin said...

I had a bowling ball fall from 3 inches onto my big toe in the middle of the show last night..."brilliant, shining pain"
indeed! Just waiting for that bruise to rear it's ugly head.

steph said...

ha! moms totally say things like that all the time!

i wiped out on thanksgiving, ripping my pants and my knee. i STILL have an open wound and a burise from it.

Gina said...

That was a fun post, despite the breast cancer references!

"I'm the new girl, I'm bleeding" was hilarious.

Kim said...

My mom says the SAME THING about breast cancer! It's a total downer. Although how I end up discussing boob injuries with my mom is a totally different story...