Friday, January 04, 2008

I Have These Two Things to Say

1. My camera is broken. Annoyingly, the screen remains blank unless you forcefully hold down a mysterious button, and then quickly take a picture. Even then, the pictures are sometimes pixellated beyond recognition. This is irritating when trying to take pictures of actual humans who do not enjoy the process of "Wait--ok, I got it. No, sorry. That one's blank. Ok, trying again. Yes! No. No. Ok, one more time? Thanks guys, sorry, sorry. Got it that time! Yay!"

This accounts for the rather dubious nature of these photos, and the distinct lack of Donnie whose sweater most assuredly warranted archiving. So, sorry everyone.

But this brings me to:

2. Ugly sweaters are funny.

Jason wins, I think. Please note the faux-leather fringe gracing his back.


velocibadgergirl said...

Priceless! :D

Jonathan said...

Those should win christmas sweaters of the year award.

penelope said...

For a minute, I thought I was seeing pictures of my high school social studies teacher. She had a closet full of those!

Are you sure your batteries just aren't dying?

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Andrea said...

Awesome! So sorry I missed the ugly sweater fun!!