Sunday, October 22, 2006

Chapstick Addiction Sweeps the Nation

Remember in the early 80's when there was that big fuss about women becoming addicted to Oil of Olay moisturizer, so much so that their skin stopped making its own moisture? This would have been about the same time as the nasal spray addiction phenomenon. I don't know why I remember it, but I have a distinct memory of being over at my friend Larissa's house and her mom telling us about it.

After I noticed that I have cherry chapstick (never strawberry--o no!) in my purse, at my desk at school, in the bathroom, on my bedside table, in the car and generally in my coat pocket, I made the natural assumption that I have a
chapstick problem.

I did a google on it, looking for funny images and found this rather amusing site. So clearly, this topic has been exhausted and needs no further comment from me, except to say that while thinking of this as a blog topic, I considered writing an ode to my cherry chapstick.

***insano topic change***

Have you ever noticed that whenever you have some sort of friend-group drama at hand that is constantly addressed and discussed among you and generally flogged within an inch of its life, it's hard to remember that the whole world isn't tuning in to every installment with the same rabid attention that you are? Like, how come this incident isn't on Oprah? Shouldn't I be able to google it and see how other people are feeling? Isn't there some forum devoted to this?

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Anonymous said...

I remember a friend from high school trying to "quit" Chapstick. But really, is there harm in Chapstick? Although, I admit that my biggest concern about my recent plane trips was whether or not they were going to take my Chapstick. I had visions of myself being wrestled to the ground for the sake of my lip balm.