Sunday, October 01, 2006

Side of the Road Antics

What is up with political picketing?
As I'm sure many Wilmingtonians noticed today, pretty much the entirety of College Road between UNCW and Wrightsville was blanketed with pro-life people holding signs.

What are these people trying to accomplish? Do they think that holding a sign that says "Abortion kills Children" up to the side of the road is going to make me say to myself, "Hmm. Maybe abortion does kill children?" Because otherwise, I see no point. If your feelings are strong, spend all day writing your representatives. Open an adoption counselling center. Talk to at-risk teenagers. But don't stand by the side of the road looking smug and doing NOTHING except making me want to run my car off the road and see how many of you I can take out before the car gives out. Because at least that would be DOING something.

Just after we (finally) got off College, we saw two young girls hanging out with the cow on Wrightsville Avenue. I love that cow, but I always wonder how it manages to survive the attentions of its fans. My brother in law has a picture of himself riding the cow and holding a 40, as I'm sure many of us do. These girls were taking off their shirts and riding the cow. Who does this at 3 on a Sunday afternoon? They were flashing the cow!!

I told Thomas that the way you know we're too old to mess with the cow is that we'd have to take a cab to it, because neither one of us will drive if we've been drinking. "Yes, I need a taxi to the cow on Wrightsville Avenue, please." But then, just that phone call sounds like fun.


Anonymous said...

Wait, am I an idiot? Where is this cow? What is it? Is it a real cow? Was it always there? Damn, I feel like I missed out on a big part of the Wilmington experience now! Will you take me to the cow next time I come to town?

Megs said...

You know the cow. The statue of the cow on Wrightville Avenue? It's painted all weird and wearing dangly earrings? Of course I will take you to the cow. But we'll have to take a cab to get there.

Cue Gal said...

You realize what we now have to do next time I'm in town.

I have never seen this cow close up, for the record. And I too feel like I am missing out.