Wednesday, October 04, 2006

First Flu of the New School Year

Ah, it so sucks to be me right now. It happens every year--at least this year I got a month in before I was struck down. This is the drawback of teaching 24 little petri dishes every day...letting them count on my fingers, holding their grimy little hands...knowing they are picking their noses all day and probably wiping on the folders that I take home every night. Guh.

Thomas's aunt had a heart attack yesterday...we're still waiting for news. I was surprised last night to find how strongly I react to hospitals these days. I mean, I'm sure everyone dislikes them, but they make me feel tiny and wretched.

This is not quite the week I was hoping for...hope you all are doing better...


penelope said...

how come no one's said feel better?

feel better!!!

also, i hope everything is okay with thomas's aunt.


Space Kase said...

I'm so very sorry you're sick, sweetie. Me too, hence my lack of phone call lastnight. I have had hte most horrendous flu all week, but still had to go to our stupid DV awareness vigil on Wednesday night in the cold pouring rain. Independent wealth, why hast thou forsaken me???