Thursday, December 21, 2006



Presents returned, replaced, bought, wrapped. Done.
House cleaned except for vacuuming and sweeping.
Ingredients for Christmas dinner purchased.
2 pies baked.

My parents arrive at 4 o'clock tomorrow. We'll hold Christmas a couple of days early: tomorrow night is our Christmas eve. Then Saturday, we'll all open presents, I'll cook dinner and all of Thomas's family will arrive. Sunday morning, my parents will leave and Thomas and I will get in the car and drive to Southport to spend real Christmas with his mom and Jessica. By Monday night, I'll be back in the car, this time on my way home, with 6 gorgeous vacation days in front of me, Christmas gifts to play with, and no one to entertain.

Bring it.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the holidays. No matter how much I hum bug, I love the sight of my tree all lit up (if slightly lopsided) and the way the house is so sparkly and full of good baking smells. I only see my family a couple of times a year, so I'm really looking forward to their visit. I got them some really great things this year which I will post about after Monday, just in case they read this before they come.

I'll probably be dormant until Tuesday what with everything going on, so Happy Holidays to everyone who makes this place my favorite part of the day. I hope your days are merry and bright.


penelope said...

Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy the holiday...

Gina said...

Aha! I did not spot the "so!" I am so disappointed! ;)

Have a great Christmas!

Amanda said...

likewise! =)

Kim said...

Merry merry merry merry merry merry Christmas! It sounds like you are well prepared-- although can anyone ever be fully prepared for the Christmas onslaught?

If anyone can, it's you!

ashley said...

Merry Christmas, Meg! I hope all your baked goodies turned out as delicious as they sound! :)