Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Happy Glasses Time

So, I finally went to the eye doctor. After 10 years.

That was my much appreciated gift from my mom for Christmas--money for an eye exam. I went to Sam's Club today, armed with $200 and only spent 79 of it! So happy.

Then I went home and was planning to order my glasses from the Kim recommended 39 dollar glasses, but instead I ordered from 19 dollar glasses because I'm just cheap like that. But my glasses will be black and blue! And I'm so excited!

Let's recap: exam=$79, glasses (with shipping)=$20.40. Yes, it's true, I will be able to pass my driving test and renew my license in June having only paid $100 for glasses.

Why does God love me so much?

And does this mean that I can now order 100 dollars worth of seeds from the Burpee Catalogue that came today? Because I really, really want to.


penelope said...

Omg, $19 glasses! and the Burpee catalogue! no one I know ever talks about the Burpee catalogue, except for my parents. and I mean that in a good way.

what a good day that must have been.

mendacious said...

OMG i love LOVE love that catalog-- oh and it's cool you can see now.

hat said...

what pleasant news! i was afraid i might have to stay off the streets if you were still driving w/ old prescriptions. thank you for getting new glasses. they must be featured on the blog upon arrival, yes?