Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Random Thoughts for January 10

Ok, so, first off: Where the hell is the Wrightsville Avenue cow?? We drove by on Sunday and its stall stood empty. Thomas revealed that he had ACTUALLY SEEN some guys loading it into a van. To refurbish the cow? Perform atrocities on the cow? Dude.

Secondly, I am still crying from watching the 1st season finale of How I Met Your Mother. Why did no one tell me about this show before? We started watching because of Jason Segal from Freaks and Geeks (clearly the best show EVER) and it is just so great and funny. Like Friends, but younger and drunker. SUIT UP!

Thirdly, the oppossum is BACK!

Fourthly, earlier, I did my daily four mile walk with my sister, Ali. We were chugging down front street, which, for those who are not Wilmingtonian, is lined in tall brick walls that mask the rich from the pedestrians. Every once in a while, there's a break in the wall where a driveway comes out. So, Al and I were walking, talking about whatever it is sisters talk about for four miles, when all of a sudden a car came speeding out of a hidden driveway and seriously nearly took my sister out.

I made a noise that was not unlike the seal-shriek that my beagle makes if you step on her foot. Ali stepped back. Was she ok? Yes, she's ok. We, all of us, Ali, the driver and I, all stopped there for a second. Did we need to do anything? No, we're all ok. Then Ali and I just went on our way. The driver called out, "I'm sorry!" We waved. "It's ok! I'm not dead!"

Fifthly, thank God for my dogs, who came jingling to my bedroom door this morning as if to say, "Woman! Can we get some service?" because without them, I would have woken an hour late instead of just 20 minutes. Perhaps that was the beginning of all this madness.

UPDATE: Sixthly, I just discovered that the US Senate Sergeant at Arms visited my humble blog today by googling the words, "Hummingbirds Attack." 1. How much do I love SiteMeter? 2. Is there going to be a hummingbird attack???


penelope said...

OMG! Every time I watch How I Met Your Mother, I think, I need to blog about this, pronto. With the headline, WHY AREN'T YOU WATCHING? No one I know talks about watching it, but it's so, so good. This week, it had one of the funniest scenes in television I've seen in a long, long while. Think Barney, think Dirty Dancing, think the scene where Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey are doing the whole, How do you call your loverboy? I nearly peed myself.

And, where is the cow?!

daisy said...

1. I am in the process of ordering DVR and will start watching How I Met Your Mother. (Seriously, "chatting" online with cable company as I type.)

2. My 'possum story:
They are SO scary.

Andrea Q. said...

I've been a closet-watcher of "How I Met Your Mother" ever since I moved home. Turns out, my DAD is a big fan. (!!) And, um, I totally DID get teary at the end of Season 1 (if you're talking about the one where he meets that girl at the wedding and so forth). Granted, I may have been drinking at the time.

mendacious said...

hummingbirds are dangerous.

Gina said...

I tried to get into HIMYM, but for some reason the show just didn't click.

And apparently, we need to bribe the hummingbirds somehow in order to stay safe.

I love when weird/semi-important people show up on my meter.