Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stitch N Bitch

So, this cuff bracelet is what I made this weekend at the home of my awesome friend, Michelle, who hosted the very first Stitch and Bitch. We were at Edge of Urge, just browsing around when she saw one and said, "We could totally make that!" We'd already been talking about having a once-a-month, all-girls craft night, and this was her chosen project. I left my camera over at her house, or I'd have more pictures to show.

I had a great time hanging out with the ladies, drinking more than my fair share of wine and attempting to operate a sewing machine.

I'm suffering right now from a bit of seasonal affective disorder and crafts have always been my number one solution to that problem. For an entire winter, several years ago, I made custom "bars in boxes," you know, those train cases from the 40's and 50's that were designed to hold liquor bottles? I'd buy them and paint them, lacquer them, or generally trick them out for whoever came to mind or had requested one. I did an Elmo one for my mom, a Fight Club one for a friend of mine who specially requested it and a whole bunch of different girly ones. (Laura, I'm sorry if you're reading this. I know I never did the Moonpie one I promised you). My obsession with doing it lasted until the spring and then I felt so much better that I abandoned a whole bunch half finished. This is why if you want me to crochet you something, you'd better ask me in November.

I'm looking forward to further stitching and bitching and am also very open to craft ideas right now. Last week I was feeling happy and full of hobbies. Right now I'm prone to the nagging feeling that life sucks and that everyone is talking about me behind my back. Give me a project so I'll know you love me.


Gina said...

Very cute! The name and the cuff!

velocibadgergirl said...

I like to cut out cool titles and small pictures from magazines and use them to collage the fronts of notebooks. Is that impossibly dorky? If it sounds like your kind of dorky, I can easily share the secrets of this ancient and venerable craft.

Megs said...

I love this, too. In fact, I'm pretty sure that it will be the theme of stitch and bitch at my house. :)

Next month is buttons and magnets at my friend Jenn's!

laura said...

Um, my Moonpie travel bar??? This must be the under-reason we don't hang out anymore.

Well, it would be collecting dust anyway. Since Fun Laura is dead.

Andrea Q. said...

Of course we love you! It's just February (well, nearly); the month that perpetuates the feeling that life sucks. I've been collaging, myself. Specifically -- and I cannot believe I am about to admit this, but what the hell -- I've been making collages of what I want my life to be. Seriously. I've got goals, places, ideas, etc. all there in a montage of cut-outs from Yoga, Jane, and Vanity Fair. And you know what? On the bad days, it helps just to look about it and remember who I am. So, there you go. Today's nerd alert from me.

ashley said...

Don't worry, Andrea. I find cutting things out of magazines intensely therapeutic. I have a box of stuff that I've cut out for whenver I decide to start collaging. But sometimes, it's just the act of cutting out that I need.

And, Meg, how about those lanyards we all made at summer camp? I need a keychain.

hat said...

What about nhung cai scrapbooking ma toi da cam cui lam bao nhieu nam nay? Hinh nhu la 3-4 cai de lam do dang, hien dang dong bui o mot noi toi tam nao do... khong con biet o dau nua! :)