Friday, July 06, 2007

Rocking Out

Many, many thanks to the awesome Velocibadgergirl for the Rocking Girl Blogger nomination. She is surely the rockingest girl blogger I know, with her perfect blend of smart/situational blogging, wonderful sidebar poem, hysterical links and general awesomeness. I swear, if we lived closer, she'd be my best friend in the world.

So, now it is my job to nominate 5 other rocking girl bloggers.

Andrea, for her introspection and hyperbolic hilarity

Gina, for her polls, pithiness, and incredible devotion to being an awesome blogger who always gives back

Kim, without whom the world would be decidedly less awesome and funny. Kim makes everything extraordinary. Try some today!

Ashley, because although you can't tell it lately because I am such a slack-ass, she always writes about things that interest me so much that I want to write.

Pen and M, for being so different, and yet gelling into one coherent, far-reaching blog.

Much love to all you ladies. I will try to get back in the swing of things now and earn my rocking girl blogger status.


Gina said...

Why thank you Megs, right back at ya! You had a nice alliteration thing going there, too. ;)

velocibadgergirl said...

Dang, made me blush!

I, too, wish we lived closer together. Or had a teleporter. That would be sweet!

mendacious said...

hey many thanks megs. I think we are a bizarre but meldable duo as well. here's to all the rockin'girl bloggers. huyah!

ashley said...

Meg, this compliment might be the best birthday gift I got! You are too kind! I am glad that my pinhole into the world is interesting to someone!

Andrea Q. said...

Thanks, lady! ... I appreciate it, even though I haven't been blogging much of ANYTHING lately. Will clearly have to earn back this rockin' status, stat.

Kim said...

Oh, my gosh, that's so nice-- thank you! I only wish I weren't such an evildoer and had seen this sooner... much love, Meg!