Saturday, July 21, 2007

Spoiler Free

I couldn't wait for the postman. I bought a second copy this morning at 9 am.

Currently on pg. 479.

I'll check in when I'm done to let everyone know that I'm spoiler safe. Any ideas on where we can talk about it when we're through so as not to spoil for any people strange enough to wait to read it? (I accidentally spoiled the Half-Blood Prince 2 WEEKS AGO for a self proclaimed Potter fan, so I'm being a lot more careful).


Gina said...

If they are a Potter fan, why hadn't they already read it?

Andrea Q. said...

It took me a while to get to "Half-Blood Prince," and I totally love the HP books. Somehow, I just got derailed.

But anyway, I'm only on page 150, but I will totally tell you when I'm done. Then I say, talk about it. People who don't want to know can just decline to read, right? (Right.)

Megs said...

Gina, exactly my point.

ashley said...

Meg - I'm done. It's almost like we need to create a temporary post-Potter blog for discussion purposes.