Sunday, July 30, 2006


Up til recently, I had a very definite sense of style. And that style included many, many black articles of clothing. I can't remember when I started wearing black, but I do recall that until I was 14 years old I was not allowed to wear all black. I'm not sure why that was...if my parents thought I'd instantly become a wiccan or that I might fall in with some dastardly all-black wearing group of 13 year olds or what. (Though they did show a distinct dislike, also, for floral dresses).
Also, I can recall Mr. Secrist, my high school psychology teacher and object of my only teacher-crush, saying in class that black made things appear tall and slim (two things which I generally do not appear). And so I began buying predominantly black clothing.
I should note here, as well, that apart from liking black things, I also had an enormous number of tee shirts. Not the kind that boys wear, but the simple, v-necked, unadorned ones that you get at Old Navy for 6.99. This appeared to be the sum total of my ability to dress myself.

Recently, I took a strange job that requires me to dress like my co-workers.
I am totally serious, and this is the proof.
Suddenly, I had to fill my closet with clothes of various colors. AAAH!

I ran straight to Good will and bought v-necked tee shirts in 5 colors and hoped for the best. But no! I looked like a frumpy old woman compared to the other girls--and I'm the second youngest.

So I went out and bought clothes this weekend. Honest to goodness, real live, girls wear them, clothes. I bought things in peach and yellow and lavender and pink. I bought things with keyhole necklines and lace trim and layers. I bought a new handbag for the first time since 1999 (don't you know by now I'm not kidding?)

I would have bought shoes, too, but I dropped one on my big toe and it hurt so bad that I swore off shoes for today. But I think that's ok, because I think I had decent taste in shoes all along.

I'm a brand new girl.


Cue Gal said...

Aqua? Coral? Are they kidding???

Clearly, I'm not one for colors either.

Space Kase said...

I liked the brand old girl.

Don't let them ruin you, Megs! Resist!

Yellow and Brown? Are they serious? What are you, a bunch of Brownies?

daisy said...

I am so confused. Seriously. Can you please write a follow-up post on this topic and explain in futher detail? Specifically, I would like to know the following:

1. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Where do you work and how is this even possible?

2. Are you just fucking with me? This seems like a big April Fool's joke. But it's August. Although I think it was July when you wrote this.

3. Can you please describe your co-workers ensembles in more detail?

4. Can you please explain how you live this life and if you feel like joining a nekkid commune 12x a day?

5. I would love an explanation of the color combos. Must you wear BOTH colors on any given day? Yellow and brown together or just either or?

And finally... I will say this: color has benefits. It is my job to make you think this. I seriously wrote the following today:

"Make it Metallic." "Sport Shine." "Cardinal Rules for Fall."

Recent headlines also include "Think Pink. Think Shine. Think [name of company here]."

Don't even get me started on animal prints.

BUt PLEASE explain. Seriously. Thanks!!!

Megs said...

Daisy, the first color is your top color and the second is your bottom. So if it were yellow and brown day, I'd wear a yellow shirt and brown pants.

The girls at my work only wear pants. I asked once if I could wear, say, a brown skirt, on yellow and brown day. They said, "if it looked professional" in a tone that clearly meant no.

I love color--just not physically on me.