Saturday, July 15, 2006

New Additions

So it was car buying day in my family on Friday.

I got this Daewoo (it's so fun to say Daewoo. Dae WOO!)

And Thomas got this here Dodge Caravan. I told him that if he needs to man up his car, he can get our friend Tom Fleming to paint nudie girls on the side of it.

These are our two strays: Orange Julius and Harriet. I will stop now. I will not become the crazy cat lady.

We didn't end up trading in our current cars, so there are now four cars belonging to us outside of our house. Anyone want to buy a Saturn for cheap?


bcstar80 said...

I think we just accepted a stray into our midsts. That is, until the dogs catch wind of it and snatch the life from the cat's...whatever, aura, or some shit like that.
Anyway, this cat's been hanging out on our corner, and then yesterday we gave it some dog food and luke warm water. It was happy. It rubbed against my arm and purred. And you know this cat gets around because he's got the BIGGEST BALL I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE (on a cat)!

Congrats on the cars. Dae WOO! Dodge CaraVAN! We love our Yaris and can't wait for the scooter.

And hide your strays. Our cats got big balls and the word is he's heading for the neighborhood's near the lake.

bcstar80 said...

spelling error. neighborhoods near the lake. Feh!

Kim said...

I like Orange Julius a lot. Mainly his name, which makes me want to go to the mall for orange-flavored goodness...