Thursday, March 29, 2007

Vacation: Day 1

So, I've begun my vacation as I always do: by going to Lula's and staying out too late and drinking too much beer. It was glorious. I watched a little bit of LOST while it was on, remembered why I hate that show, played touch-the-boobie on Megatouch and played the strange newfangled jukebox. This jukebox (forgive my wonder, I'm sure the rest of you all have already seen these) talks to some enormous (internet?) database and for the princely sum of 1 dollar, you can play pretty much any song in the world. I took advantage of this by playing Eminem's Square Dance to a captive audience of about 20 people. I think it's safe to say, no one was as pleased as I was.

However thrilling it was to play Eminem and Portishead in the bar, I must say that I miss the old jukebox and its songs, which I had come to feel were the soundtrack to certain parts of my life. I wish it would come back. And PS? No one wants to pay a dollar a song. It's highway robbery.

I have declared this day a lazy one, as it is cold and rainy outside so I've been luxuriating in bed, reading the Fortean Times (I've learned about Corpse Roads and Spoon Benders today). Just now I broke out the Biore Nose Strips.

Dude, those things are gross. And yet, there is nothing more satisfying to me in the world than seeing all that crud standing straight up from the paper like a forest of trees and thinking, that used to be in my FACE.

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