Friday, March 30, 2007

Vacay Day 2

I've been so slack this month. Here I am, approaching my blogiversary, and I've posted a measly 9 posts this month. Depression be damned! I shall try to post each day of this vacation! If only to show you....
This picture of me with almost no hair!

I realized recently that in all my lists of strange things about me, I never mentioned that I shaved my head in college.

The reasons behind it are almost painfully embarrassing now (yes, yes, a boy wanted me to. And also the girls in my dorm had just dyed my hair a rather alarming shade of orange). But I've never been sorry that I did it. No matter how distressing the haircut or dye job I've suffered since then, I always know unequivocally that my hair? It will grow back.

I wish I had better pictures to show you. I spent a good part of today organizing our desk drawers in the hopes of coming across some of the better pictures, which have, of course, been taken out of albums and paraded around countless times. It was actually very cute when it was freshly done. I looked kind of like Annie Lennox. But as it grew in, I began to feel sort of permanently deshevled, as if I had gone out in my pajamas without showering every single day of my life. It was more than a year until I had enough length to get a real haircut.

When I did it, I had no intention of seeing my parents for several months as I was not going home for spring break. However, my mom called me in mid-January to tell me that it seemed likely that my grandfather would die soon and could I please be ready to come home. So, that was a fun conversation. Ok, mom. But there's something you should know...

To give my parents credit, my mom didn't even hesitate. She just said, "Well, you can wear a hat." When my dad first saw me, he said, "It's so nice to be able to see more of your face." My parents are so good to me.


Gina said...

Yes, your parents were very cool about it. My mother would have had a coronary.

velocibadgergirl said...

Your parents sound fabulous! I think my mom would've just laughed. My dad would've quietly mourned.