Friday, May 18, 2007

Meg, Meg, Bo-beg, Banana-fanna-fo-feg

I know you are not going to believe this, but I've been tagged with the 8 weird things AGAIN. For real.
Last night, I was telling Thomas that he had to help me think of more weird things, and I was like, ARE there even any more weird things about me? And we both agreed that, of course there are. Thomas said, "You kill slugs with beer," and I said, "Yeah, but I've already posted about that!"

So here we go...

1. I'm a compulsive worrier. Last weekend I was sitting on my front porch talking with my friend Kathy, when all of a sudden she hugged me fiercely and told me that I I was kind of baffled. I hadn't even really felt like I was worrying; I was just kind of...vocalizing. So I tried to explain to her my theory which is this: the world is a strange and dangerous place. And it will attack you for no good reason. I don't say this to be dramatic; I've just found that it's true. And the world's MO is to catch you blindsided; it wants to hit you with something you've never considered and are totally unprepared for. So, by worrying about a broad range of scenarios all the time, I'm actually reducing the number of bad things that will happen. Or something. My worrying is kind of like backward prayer.

2. I swear way too much. Sometimes it seems I don't know any adjectives except colorful ones. And yet, the thing I'm most ashamed of (vocally anyway) wasn't technically swearing, though the situation might have called for it. I was on a one way street that has lots of diagonal parking. And I was stopped at a light, about 3 cars back, with several cars behind me, when all of a sudden, a car that was diagonally parked on my left side starts pulling out of its space. I had nowhere to go, so I laid on the horn and the car actually sped up and slammed into my driver's side door. After the car pulled back into its space, I wrenched the door open and screamed, "Are you retarded?!?" I still feel bad about that. The woman cried and kept repeating, "I'm not retarded." Oh, god.

3. I'm always cold. Right now, it's 76 degrees in the house and I feel like my fingers are going to snap off my body. Summer is always the time for the air conditioning wars in my house, in which Thomas and I both surreptiously creep to the thermostat and change it and hope the other person doesn't notice for a while. I'm usually reduced to wearing my pajamas full time.

4. I have trouble calling people on the phone if I've never called them before. I'm sure that is a little bit true for everyone, but I'm kind of neurotic on the subject. I don't mind calling strangers (ok, I do mind, but not overly) but I do have a problem calling my own friends if we've never talked on the phone before. Today I was brave and called my friend Steve (we've been friends for 6 years). Saying, "Hey Steve, it's Meg" nearly gave me a panic attack. I always feel like the person is going to say, "Meg who?" so then I worry (ha!) about whether I should say my last name, too, but then, when you've known each other so long that just seems weird and too formal...and oh, it's just so hard.

5. I seriously would die without the internet. When we have trouble with our machine or our internet service, I feel like parts of me are on fire. I don't even do anything that important or fascinating online. I don't even read the news! I check my usually non-existant email; I read blogs and occasionally blog myself; I check the weather, check myspace, librarything and flickr...and that's it. But if I can't do that, I feel painfully isolated from the world.

6. I hate being called Meaghan. I know I've mentioned that before, but it bears repeating, as lately, many of my friends have taken to occasionally calling me by my full name. And it's always weird when it happens, and right afterward they'll apologize and say, "I have no idea why I called you that." And I'm always like, well, ok...THIS TIME. But seriously, don't call me Meaghan. It's not that I don't think it's a perfectly nice name. I don't hate my name. It's just that I'm Meg and I always have been. I don't know who Meaghan is. A long time ago, my high school boyfriend asked if he could call me Meaghan, and I remember deliberating about it and finally I told him that I would really prefer that he didn't, because I didn't want Meaghan to be someone different than Meg, and I'm still proud of myself for realizing that that could happen when I was so young.

7. My mom used to make me peanut butter and butter sandwiches when I was little and THEY WERE SO GOOD.

8. Once I left my sunroof open and a bird pooped on my gearshift.

That's all I got folks. I'm going to have to cultivate some new weird habits for the next time around. Maybe at the end of this year I'll do another compilation.

If you would like to participate in this Meme, knock yourself out. But I'm tagging Andrea
and Lauren

In other news, we found out yesterday that Gertie has developed a heart murmur sometime during the last 3 months. (We are positive that she did not have one in February prior to the tooth surgery). I'm sure you can imagine my worry.


Gina said...

Poor Gertie!

And oooh, the fat in those peanut butter and butter sandwiches must have tasted fairly phenomenal.

Ginger said...

1. I also believe (despite any rational thought to the contrary) that if you imagine it (ie, death, car wreck, missing the flight) that it probably won't happen. It's just a little insurace policy.

ashley said...

Now that I'm at home, I have access to only one computer with the internet. And my dad is a compulsive solitaire player. So that leads to symptoms of withdrawal when I cannot access the internet for hours at a time to determine the answers to burning questions like what other starring role in a movie or TV show the female lead in Night at the Museum had that makes her look familiar to me. (Finally...Entourage on HBO. Whew. That was close.)

penelope said...

I feel bad, but item number 2 made me laugh... Funny how we're all worriers. I think of worrying also kind of like a prayer in advance, like if I imagine the scenario in full detail ahead of time, surely it will never happen. But, it's a lot of work, all that imagining. I feel like I've prevented many things from happening this way, but I know there are so many unimagined scenarios I'm missing. Which, of course, worries me.

Kim said...

I'm sort of worried that we all worry so much.

My eight weirdnesses are coming soon, I promise! Sorry to have been so slow on the uptake!

Andrea Q. said...

If Andrea ever read blogs anymore (cough, ahem) she surely would've spotted this sooner.

...Apologies. I've had my head up the ass of my own experience again.