Sunday, May 06, 2007

Pender Pines

Yesterday, Jennifer and I ventured out to Pender Pines, which is an awesome nursery and garden center in Pender County.

They have an incredible selection of plants and Jen and I shopped for about 2 hours.

I got: Red Butler (hehe) lantana, a pink penta, 3 gerbera daisies, some bronze snapdragons, and mixed coleus babies. Jen got me some cacti that rule. One looks like it has purple eyes and antenna.

Here I am standing beside our purchases (the bulk of which are obviously Jennifer's).

They have beautiful gardens to walk through, with all manner of ponds and bridges and garden ornaments, including this very awesome sea serpent made of mosses and things:

Finally, we visited their on-site emus. Last year, you could feed the emus. This year not so much. I must admit that it did kind of hurt, but I was still dissapointed not to be able to do it again.


hat said...

Megs, seeing as you're the whiz with the green thumb, I must ask for advice on caring for a silver nerved fittonia. It was a gift from a friend/neighbor and I'm extremely worried it will die. It is currently in my office which does not have very high humidity and Silver is about 20 feet from a south-facing window. Is this ok? Does anybody know? Help!

Gina said...

You look like you are standing next to a veritable jungle!

Andrea Q. said...

Aw, that looks like fun!

Amanda said...

ON-SITE EMUS!! fantastic.

also, I kind of want that serpent. though no doubt it would die a horrible serpent death under my care.

also also, I want a picture of your Alien Cactus. =)

Andrea Q. said...

ps: Can you believe how rotund (if healthy) Frank has gotten? (See blog.) I knew you'd enjoy. :)

velocibadgergirl said...

That place looks lovely! I'd adore a photo of your antennae-d cacti :)

truth said...

it's amazing how ridiculously hard it can be to keep a blog.


wouldn't it be nice?