Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Smartest Woman ALIVE

So, on Sunday night at WE Fest (yes, I promise to stop talking about WE Fest soon and do all those memes that are staring at me from beside the computer) I saw this guy who looked really familiar to me. I start elbowing Thomas and insisting that the guy who played the older brother in Little Miss Sunshine is standing behind me. Thomas looks and doesn't see the guy I mean.

Periodically throughout the night I see him again and become more and more insistant that I'm seeing the guy from Little Miss Sunshine and Fast Food Nation. My friends are non-committal in a sort of yes, dear, I guess that could be him, sort of way.

I go home and IMDB him, discovering that his name is Paul Dano and that he is in a band, and between that and his picture, which is EXACTLY the person I saw, I am convinced in my own mind.

Today the WE Fest Website confirms that Paul Dano's band, Mook, did a surprise show on Monday. I've just called every person that I know to announce that, in fact, I am the SMARTEST WOMAN ALIVE.

I can't believe I missed his band, though. By Monday, I had hit the end of my ability to rock out and was laying in bed eating pizza and watching movies. But I'm still the smartest woman alive.


Gina said...

We need to get you a sash of some sort, so you can wear it around and everyone will know!

penelope said...

That is so fantastic. I love celebrity-sightings, as well as the thrill of celebrity recognition victory.

ashley said...

Kudos to you for your sharp recognition skills!