Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Looking at the Bright Side

So, I thought of some more good things.

1. I got a really good haircut. This seems like it should not be a very big deal, since all I had was a trim, but since the last time I had my haircut the woman cutting it actually said, "Uh Oh" and went to get the manager, it feels awesome. The guy was lovely and took almost 35 minutes to trim an inch and a half off my hair, fixed some spots that were bothering me with their refusal to cooperate, and complemented my hair's color and texture. Rule. Now it takes less time to do and, dare I say it? I think I could actually skip blowdrying on the weekend without looking like I am wearing a helmet made of sticks.

2. I now understand why 4+(-3 times -2)/2 = 5. Thank you to my algebra tutor who tried not to giggle when I brought this problem to her, unable to get the answer 5, even though the book was telling me I should. Oops.

3. Everything I own is in bloom. I've made 2 bouquets for people without totally decimating my flower crop.

4. Summer school: 2 days down, 43 to go.

5. Chris Cubeta and the Liars Club is coming back to Wilmington on August 4th.

6. I ate a nice fat steak for dinner.

That is all.


ashley said...

I am so impressed that you relearned algebra! I'm not sure it would be "re" learning for me, as I don't think I quite got it the first time! Glad things are looking better!

truth said...

yay megs!

did you shamelessly borrow that title from someone? *raises eyebrow*

read my blog!

Amanda said...

A good haircut is always such a relief, because bad haircuts are so distressing. You should take a picture of it from all angles while it's fresh, so when you go in for your next trim you can say "Do it exactly like this again!" and hopefully they'll know what you mean. I always intend to do that and then forget.

Danger said...

I thought I was done with math FOUR years ago, and through a twist of fate I'm in community college taking algebra with kids who never watched the original ninja turtles. You have nothin' but sympathy, dude.