Friday, June 01, 2007

5 Shot Friday Rears Its Ugly Head Again

But this time with a new cast of characters. I don't know if we'll be wearing funny hats, but we'll be shaking off this horrible week. Yeeeah.

I want to tell you that I will be 30 in a mere 23 days, so it won't be long now until I reveal 30 years of braces and bad hair. I know you're, like, peeing in your pants.

In honor of 5 Shot Friday, I thought I should complete one of these memes. Here's an interview with, check it out, 5 questions from Gina. Thanks, Gina, and sorry it took me so long.

Favorite Snack food? Havarti cheese with Dill or Breyers Carb Smart Vanilla Ice Cream. Washed down with my favorite summertime drink of Tropicana sugar-free lemonade. Yum.

If you could see any band in concert, who would it be? Nar. I don't know. As has been previously documented, I'm not much of a concert-goer. I guess if we're talking a big-stadium-world-tour thing, it'd have to be Radiohead. I missed out on their tour a couple of years ago because the date I had tickets for was cancelled due to mud. MUD, I tell you. I don't think I would have minded getting a little muddy.
Locally, I'd travel throughout a 3 state area to see Chris Cubeta and the Liars Club again.

What is the next big event you are going to? See, now this is the reason you answer the questions on time. I would have had an answer to this a week ago, but now I have to school's graduation? It is kind of fun to do the whole faculty thing and wear my cap and gown and hood and all that...but seriously, year after year, I get mistaken for a graduating senior. When, oh when, will I look like a grown-up?

Chocolate or vanilla? So vanilla. Because you can add things, including chocolate, to vanilla, but you can't add to chocolate.

Are you a homebody or would you rather be traveling? I'm a complete and total homebody. 5 Shot Friday is being held at someone else's house tonight and I feel like I'm going to get hives from it. I'm the kind of person who is totally willing to invite everyone and their mother over to hang out, but I can't spend a great deal of time in other people's homes without getting itchy. When I was in college, the girls in my hall used to give me a really hard time about it. "Meg's hibernating again," was the constant refrain. But I really don't mean any offense by it. I just like to be at home.


penelope said...

You can add chocolate to chocolate... and blueberries, caramel, strawberries, sprinkles, bananas, nuts, and oh yeah--more chocolate.

'Scuse me while I get some ice cream.

Gina said...

Of course you can add chocolate to chocolate! That is spoken like a true vanilla person.

As far as the homebody vs. going out thing, it all depends on what kind of mood I'm in. Sometimes I want to stay home and read, others I am raring to go somewhere.

But, when I didn't have a kid, I was out ALL THE TIME.

Amanda said...

havarti dill is awesome!

ashley said...

I totally identify with the homebody thing. Grad school parties sometimes gave me panic attacks. I just wanted to be home, which is perhaps why I'm a horrible, motion-sick-prone traveller.