Friday, August 17, 2007

Summer School is Over

And I couldn't be happier.

Summer got off on the wrong foot for me, and though summer school was 100% better than usual this summer, I'm still glad to see the back of it. I'm hoping to make a full recovery by the end of next week and be back to my regular happy-go-lucky blogging self.

This morning, in addition to watering the garden, I accidentally watered my left foot, causing my shoe to squish and smell for most of the day, so I'm doubly happy to be home and airing out.

Still clinging to the last vestiges of Potter mania, and now reading Stephen King's IT for perhaps the 3000th time. Good time spent with old friends. I've been hiding in books this summer, hoping to either give my brain time to recover, or give myself something to write about.

But for now, bring on the beer.


Gina said...

I was scared of drains for quite a while after I read that book. And clowns, of course.

ashley said...

Did you see that the Scottish papers are reporting the JKR is already back to work on a new book? Supposedly it's an adult crime novel. If it were a VCR manual, I'd read it.

Megs said...

Gina, I've never been afraid of clowns, before or after It. But I was quite afraid of basements and drains already, and it's done nothing to improve that situation.

Ash, agreed, I'd read ANYTHING, but I'm scared of it. I'd be scared to be her writing it.