Wednesday, September 20, 2006

All About Me

On my trip home this weekend, my mom gave me a box of papers from my old bedroom to take home. I was really excited to look in there and see what I might find, so pretty much the second we got home I tore into it. There were notes and letters that I remembered vividly from childhood--one I had even mentioned this weekend--a letter written on crayola stationary by my childhood best friend, informing me that the duck egg that we found and had been saving in her back yard broke when she sat on it and made a terrible smell and that she was in big trouble about it. Also, letters from camp friends, including some from Nikki, who I was lucky enough to get back in touch with this year...old pictures, and a ton of elementary school work. My favorite by far was this:

a book I made in the 2nd grade. It was many pages long, but I chose these to show you.

This is totally hilarious to me. My favorite subjects, it seems, were PE, art and math. PE, art and math? Is this me we're talking about? I spent the better part of the last 10 years figuring out how never to perform PE or math again. I also listed reading and music as my two least favorite subjects. Anyone who knows me should know why that is absurd. I do like, though, that I described schoolwork as "sinchy," as in, it's a cinch!

Here is a list of my favorite things circa 1984:

A side by side comparison, if you will:

Favorites 1984

1. number: 8
2. color: pink
3. subject: math
4. animal: dog
5. flower: rose
6. song: Beat It
7. tv show: WKRP in Cinncinati (sp?)
8. time of day: 3:00 noon (when the hell is 3:00 noon?)
9. day of the week: Friday
10. month: June
11. game: Clue
12. place to visit: New Jersey
13. sport: fishing
14. friends: Larissa, Ann, Sneha, Laura
15. holiday: Christmas
16. section of newspaper: comics
17. movie: Gremlins
18. car: Corvette
19. restaurant: Roy Rogers
20. recording group: beetles (sic)
21. actor/actress: Bill Cosbee (sic)
22. athlete: Mary Luo Reton (sic)
23. teacher: Mrs. Varesco
24. comic strip character: Ziggy
25. thing to wear: Mical Jakson seat sheart (Michael Jackson sweat shirt)

Favorites 2006

1. number: 8
2. color: red
3. school subject: English
4. animal: dog
5. flower: gerbera daisy
6. song: U2 With or Without You
7. tv show: Freaks and Geeks
8. time of day: I'll stick with 3:00--for me, that's still when school gets out.
9. day of the week: Friday
10. month: June
11. game: Taboo
12. place to visit: where ever Kasey is
13. sport: fishing
14. friends: (still friends with Larissa and Ann) Kasey, Michelle, Jennifer, Andrea
15. holiday: Christmas
16. section of the newspaper: classifieds?
17. movie: depends. film? Magnolia. movie? Dirty Dancing or the Breakfast Club
18. car: classic Beetle
19. restaurant: Circa
20. recording group: The Beatles
21. actor/actress: Ed Norton/Laura Linney
22. athlete: Keri Strugg
23. teacher: too many to list.
24. comic strip character: ?
25. thing to wear: platform flip flops

I'm actually amazed to see that I am pretty much exactly the same person in 2006 as I was in 1984.


mendacious said...

that is completely awesome. i fear i have barely any of such papers left as i had a mom that left me to my own devices... and usually i was already throwing out my own stuff early on- i think you should frame one of those yo.

Anonymous said...

I have a similar book from second grade called All About Me. I haven't looked at it in a long time, but I recall writing how much I liked chocolate several times (and probably never spelling it correctly once). I love how those books capture little moments that you've forgotten, but there were important in your seven year-old life.

Cue Gal said...

I so love this. I had a recent resurface of the distant past myself, when I was digging through my old homeschooling journals to prepare for this new gig. I found these end-of-year projects we had to put together at the very place I'm now working for -- they include pictures, art, and classic Q&A stuff like you've got here. Turns out, I used to want to be a vet. Now I'm all like, What the F happened to that? I could be a vet! ... maybe?

PS, I miss you. Will def have to call and catch up soon -- respective wine & phone night and whatnot.