Thursday, November 09, 2006

Orange Julius--The Update

So, did I ever mention that Orange Julius (the stray who we were going to adopt) is a girl? We realized it about a week after Thomas had named him with the greatest name ever and by then we were totally attached to the name (perhaps more so than to the cat).

We considered Orange Julia, but we both really like the name Julia. And once you name a pet that...there's no going back. "Mom, why'd you name me after the cat?"

And so I refer to him/her as "Orange Julius, the transgendered cat," or OJTTC, which I guess is technically incorrect because he's really more of a transvestite.

Anyway, I think Orange Julius is pregnant. S/he has a certain, shall we say, rotundity. The other day s/he snuck up on me as I was leaving for work and I actually screeched aloud, "Orange Julius! You are pregnant! Get off this porch!" I'm thinking of sending her to a home for wayward girls.


Amanda said...

my roommate and I got a rat in college and named him Cornelius. shortly thereafter we discovered that he was a girl. we used the transgendered excuse, too, so that we could keep the name, which I still think is the most awesome name for a rat ever. it was also quite appropriate because we we heavily involved in the queer activism group.

Orange Julius is truly an awesome orange cat name.

monkeydiggin said...

i had a kitten i named claudia, after the child vampire (anne rice), entirely because she(?) loved to attack you and draw a great idea....unfortunately she was a he and became claude...he was a good cat....