Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Day 6: Shop Til U Drop

I shopped with my mother and sister in law today for 8 hours. 8 hours! That's, like, equal to a full day at work! Let me just say that my in-laws can shop. But that's what makes them the best for going to places like Rugged Warehouse and Goodwill--they are willing to inspect every single item of clothing in the store, which is necessary to a successful bargain hunt. I bought 7 shirts, a pair of shoes and a headband for 57 dollars. I really shouldn't have spent 57 dollars, but I am happy with my new wardrobe.

So, I'm planning for my blogiversary and I'm thinking about doing a humiliation retrospective: pictures of me in the sixth grade, horrifying poetry that I wrote in high school, etc. I want to do this; I'm just not sure I'm brave enough.

However, you know how many blogs have a tagline? I always think of my imaginary tagline as "Making fun of myself on a semi-daily basis." So I feel like it would be inkeeping with the mood around here to just all-out destroy any image you might have had of me as a relatively normal-looking, reasonably smart person.



Amanda said...

i suspect we will love you regardless of what you reveal about middle and high school. because really, who wasn't some kind of embarrassing freak in middle and high school? people who were normal in high school are very likely maladjusted sociopaths now, because they didn't get it out of their system soon enough. at least, that's what i tell myself when faced with humiliating facts about my adolescence. ;-)

Andrea Q. said...

Bring it!

velocibadgergirl said...

You are a thrift store shopper, too?

Dearest Megs...we really are sisters separated at birth!