Thursday, April 26, 2007

Items of Interest

Yesterday at the grocery store, I knocked over a 2 liter of Mountain Dew. It exploded all over my shoes. I squish-squished Mountain Dew all the way home and now I don't know how to clean my shoes. Do you think I should just put them in the washing machine? I had to wear new shoes to work today and now I am blistery.

I am preparing questions for those requesting interviews, but you guys need to make sure I have an email address to mail them to. Please use my "contact me" address to send your current email. Even if you think I have it. Cause I don't. I'm trouble like that.

Thomas and I went with Kathy to see this awesome Korean monster movie called The Host. They got me to agree to come along by describing it as a cross between The Royal Tennenbaums and Godzilla. Somehow I misunderstood that to mean that it was The Royal Tennenbaums, with super-special crazy re-dubbing, and was kind of dissapointed to learn that it was not, but I should not have worried. It was great fun: funny and with really remarkably good CGI. Highly recommended.


Kim said...

How did it explode? Was it already partially open? I've never heard of unprovoked Mountain Dew explosions. But I must say, the threat is very frightening.

hat said...

I love Korean films! They're often so cheesy but I love them. By the way, Megs, how is Mr. Turtle?

Megs said...

Kim, I guess it exploded because it fell off the shelf. I don't know. It hated me.

HAT, Oscar Peterson is doing well. I'm planning a post on him for next week. He poops a lot.

Gina said...

Yup, I don't see how you could clean them any other way but throwing them in the wash. That sucks.

daisy said...

I'm totally too late chiming in here, aren't I? But I genuinely WANT to help with shoe-cleaning problem. However, I'll need a lot more information. Let's start with materials used on upper and sole. (Leather probably isn't going to wash well. FYI. But perhaps you've already learned this the hard way...)

Megs said...

Daisy :)
Sole is rubber, upper is cotton mesh, suede and elastic.

I'm too lazy to have done anything with them yet. Let me know.