Friday, April 20, 2007

Groove is in the Heart

I've been tagged by VBG with a music meme in which I have to list seven albums or tracks which have featured in my life recently.

This is a hard meme for me because my musical taste is either a. ancient or b. ridiculous. My musical development came to a grinding halt in the early 80's when my friend Ingrid Yan (are you out there, Ingrid?) gave me a mixed tape featuring The Smiths, Erasure, Depeche Mode, The Sugar Cubes, The Housemartins and the like. Henceforth, I have worshipped at the altar of synthy-euro-pop.

However, I do love hip-hop. And to make sure that I'm catching what's new without having to listen to R&B (retch) I keep my car radio on the top 40 station. So, you can pretty much bet on my knowing all the lyrics to anything by Fergie, Avril, Gwen, etc. And I'm not saying I don't rock out sometimes to these things. I'm just ashamed later.

Also, as I am very, very poor, I cannot buy new music. I can really like a song, but how can I possibly spend $20 on something when I might not like every single note on the whole album? This is also exacerbated by the fact that I didn't own my own CD player for years and years and so I don't buy CDs out of habit.

So here we go.

This week, Thomas was record hunting and found me Louder than Bombs by The Smiths. I almost peed myself. And then, he rather sheepishly admitted to me that he liked it. Muhahahaha. I shall convert you all!

This album now holds the distinction of being the only album I have ever owned on tape, on CD and on vinyl.

Also, he brought home Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me by the Cure. My husband loves me so.

Just Like Heaven holds sad, old connotations for me, but I love it anyway.

And now, because that's all I've listened to this week, we enter the "always in rotation" portion of this post.

Isola by Kent. Kent is the most awesome Swedish band ever. They released 2 albums in English which rule, but I listen to the Swedish albums as well because they are just. that. good.

This is a kind of long and mellow song; I'd have prefered to share something else, but one must operate in the confines of the very cool RadioBlogClub. Whoops! Didn't know this was the Swedish version. Oh well.

Flood by They Might Be Giants. I will never, ever get over this album. It's my favorite for painting/building furniture/things I need jollying through. For our anniversary, Thomas got us Birdhouse In Your Soul for the jukebox. I can't wait to sing it drunkenly at the top of my lungs some Friday night.

Fear by Toad the Wet Sprocket. I have loved this since I was a senior in high school. It's one of the few albums I've ever purchased. Thomas and I discovered our shared passion for it, and now it keeps me company when I garden.

Again, not the song I would have chosen, but lovely nonetheless.

Dummy by Portishead. When asked to define sex music, this is always my pick. However, oddly and somewhat grotesquely, it is also my "I'm having a dinner party" album.

OK Computer by Radiohead. When Radiohead still had melody, they were, to borrow a phrase from Kim Shable, my "2nd only to the Beatles" favorite band. OK Computer, to me, is one of those amazing albums that demands listening all the way through. It likes to keep me company while I grade papers.


Tagging: Kim, Joshua, Kathy (ha!) and anyone else who wants to play.


velocibadgergirl said...

I should make you some mix CDs! Then if you hate them, you can use 'em as coasters ;)

Megs said...

What, so I'll get new musical taste? hehehe. I know. I'm stuck in the past.

Gina said...

I'm for all of them except Portishead. There is something about her strangled yowling/whispering that really bugs me. But Hubba-hubba loves them, so go figure.

Kim said...

Wait, this is so unfair, you totally DO like Avril Lavigne! Or at least enjoy her music while she's on, and then abhor yourself for it later. Which is pretty much what I do with pretty much all the music I secretly like...

Megs said...

No NO!!!!! I do NOT like Avril Lavigne. Or, I should say, not lately. I was just saying that I know all the words and will sing along. That song "Girlfriend" is an abomination in my opinion. It's not right for tweens to be listening to that stuff. I do not want my 12 year old sister thinking that she's "damn precious" or "the motherfucking princess" and I do not want her treating other girls (or boys) in the horrifying way suggested by that song. My problem with that song is that it's not appropriate for ANYONE. It's too young for adults and too wrong for teens.

But I do like her older stuff. No shame necessary.