Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Damn Lack of Pictures

Hey all. Does anyone have any idea why my new DSL doesn't allow me to see pictures on this here lovely internet? Pen suggested my firewall being too high...it was already on medium so I set it to low. Google suggested that I change my encoding for internet explorer...did that....still nothing. I can't live without my pictures!!

In other technology news, I finally got caller ID. This is a service I think is totally frivolous and I would never voluntarily sign up for it, but it was part of my "bundle" from BellSouth that helped me achieve cheap DSL, so what can you do. I happened to have a phone with a Caller ID display on it, so I plugged it. Let me just tell you how much I LOVE caller ID. It makes me feel very spoiled and well taken care of to have something so unnecessary. I want to thank the phone and pet it and give it a treat.

That's all for this moment.


penelope said...


Have you tried restarting your computer after making the changes?

I get so frustrated with DSL-type problems, I feel the need to assist!

ashley said...

Could it be a bug with Internet Explorer? You might try using a different browser, like Mozilla Firefox. I love Firefox, and it has a great little icon, too! :) Good luck!

Megs said...

I fixed it!!! It turned out that there was some kind of file in my browser history that was corrupted.
I am so happy with my crazy new services.

penelope said...

I read something online like that (the corrupted file thingy) when I was researching the problem (hee), but it sounded so complicated and sort of evil that I didn't want to go there.

Glad it's fixed!