Friday, August 25, 2006

Geeky Boy Radio Stations

So has anyone else noticed that new radio station called "Will"? I think it's 98.7. The premise is that it's run by this guy named Will who has a million CDs and doesn't care about formatting--i.e. there's music from all decades, all kinds.

This would be ok, but the whole station in actuality seems like a study in mediocrity. It's not quite any kind of radio station and the things they play always seem like 2nd rate songs that you're not trying to hear every day. They'd be good every once in a while. Like GNI's 80's weekend--why must we hear the same 60 songs from the 80's! There were, in fact, other songs. And Will plays those other songs...except for that's all he plays.

Anyway, while we were away in Raleigh, we heard 98.7 there. It's called "Simon." I'm not sure what Simon's excuse for being is, like maybe he's an old man with a hoarding problem who has too many cds or something, but basically it was the same. This made me wonder--is this, like, sweeping the nation? Does every city now have a radio station with no djs and no formatting and a fake posterboy with an emo name?

Is Quentin out there? or Spencer? Nigel?

Hey, right now my counter is at 2222. And it's friday. :)

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Kim said...

Oooh, I'm number 2223! The very first person to read this new post! I feel very Mr. T-esque.

Anyway, I think this premise started in NYC, under the name Jack, or The Jack-- the premise there was that you were just listening to a guy's iPod. I think it's an attempt to compete with satelite radio, where there are no DJs... it's weird, though, because I actually have satelite radio now, and I love it, but I do kind of miss the DJs from time to time.

ashley said...

In central South Carolina, it's Steve. STEVE FM. Steve is better than Will. I listen to Steve sometimes on my way home from Georgia. In fact, I find that Steve and I are quite compatible in our music selection. It kind of makes me love Steve.

Will, on the other hand, seems to have the classic male fear of commitment. He's not sure what he wants to be and so he's everything and nothing. Play some Air Supply and think about that, Will.

penelope said...

Just last night, J.Lo was telling me how much he loved this station. It made me laugh.