Thursday, August 31, 2006

Off Work Tomorrow!


1st, let me say, Kim Shable, do not let Ernesto stop you!! This is a big fat pile of nothing that has been exaggerated (and you lived here, so you know they ALWAYS do). This morning at 6 am, as it drizzled, WWAY news channel 3 had a reporter standing on the beach in a raincoat saying, "Well, Jim, it's raining significantly harder than it was a few minutes ago." Yeah, that's because it wasn't raining at all a few minutes ago. Yes, it is raining right now, as I'm sure it will continue to do until tomorrow, but seriously, we've had worse flash floods this summer.

2nd, I hope all this does not enrage Ernesto and cause him to be my first real hurricane. Ernesto, listen up. You are big and bad. I am not messing with you.

3rd, let me say that for the first time EVER! I am out of work tomorrow for weather related causes. We accidentally sheduled 2 more school days than we needed this year, so my boss said to just take it and forget about it. I am so excited! Yet slightly worried about being trapped in Lula's incase the above message did not appease Ernesto.

Does anyone know a song about Ernesto? Cause I want to sing one. Maybe I can just substitute Ernesto for Fernando.


Kim said...

Can you hear the drums, Ernesto? Something something something something Rio Grande...

I am SO COMING! Although I must admit, I'm a little worried that I haven't heard from any of you today... power outages? Mutant sea creatures awakened from their years of peaceful slumber by Ernesto's wrath? Please assure me that all is well!

Megs said...

no power outages--nothing! you haven't heard anything cause we all had to go to work today!
Can't wait to see you...