Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Good Lord, This Rain

Will it never end? I'm happy not to have to water the miles of garden I decided to plant in the spring when it was bearable out, but still.

In happy news for today, I HAVE A JACUZZI! Yes, it's true. I am now so spoiled by technology that it is a wonder I even have to feed myself.
On Sunday, when we returned from GSO, it was a humid jungle inside the house. Wha-huh? We said. How can this be, as Thomas keeps the house sub-zero no matter the weather outside. My sister was taking care of the dogs (Thank you!) so we thought maybe she had turned the AC off to conserve. But no, it was just not working.

We called the landlord, who offered various solutions by phone. Did you turn it off and on again? yes. Did you check the fuse box? yes, but it is full of pre-war inexplicable fuses. But they seem ok. None are brown or melted. Is it frozen over? no. Finally he came out. We checked all those things again. Status: the same. My landlord somehow managed to get an AC guy to the house at 9 on Sunday night, because he is a genius in all things. The AC guy found a hidden fuse box under the house that none of us, including the landlord, knew was there. The breaker marked AC was thrown.

Hey, he said. There are two more thrown. One for the kitchen and one marked "Jacuzzi." We threw them all back. Suddenly, I have AC, outlets in the kitchen and a working Jacuzzi tub. Yeeee haw. I took a bath in it yesterday and it was delish.

In further good news, school was very good today. I am happy to say that the school has hired a second elementary school teacher and we seem to be getting along well and they painted my room this year in lovely yellows and blues. It felt great to get home at 3:30 today.

Quit yo jibba jabba!


penelope said...

And it always seems to start deluging when I'm in the car, 5 minutes away from my house, rather than 5 minutes after I've made it safely inside.

Jacuzzi! Man.

Kim said...

Please end all communiques with "Quit yo jibba jabba!" from now on, as it is TOTALLY AWESOME, and I secretly want to steal it, even though it is so Meg (even more so than Mr. T.)

May I also say that you look super skinny in your new pic!

I'll be in Wilmington in 10 days-- are you still down for mega fun?

Megs said...

Kim, of course I am still down for mega-fun. I have been looking forward to it all month.

Quit yo jibba jabba!

Cue Gal said...

That's it. I'm coming over and using your tub.

Or looking at it, at very least.

omg -- bad days winding up with wine in a jacuzzi! Dude, you have the mecca over there.