Monday, August 28, 2006

Happy First Day of School

Tra-la-la, it's the first day of school. Or, I should say, the first day of school is over. Hence, the singing. Nothing is ever as bad as the first day back...the chaos, the parents milling around, the inability of anyone under the age of 7 to sit in his or her seat, the bathroom emergencies, the tears, the vomit...we had it all today. But it is over and tomorrow begins the real school year.

Saw Barry Corbin again today but refrained from embarrassing myself. Soon, I feel like, we'll be hanging out.


penelope said...

Happy Back to School!

This morning, we discovered that our house is a "Bus Stop House." How fantastic.

Say hi to Whitey for me.

Cue Gal said...

I told you about meeting Barry when I was an extra on OTH, back in the day and whatnot... right? He's just so darn friendly, and I tend to want to give him a hug even though we're not really on that level in the slightest, and so it would just be weird.

Sorry, tangent out of nowhere. It's raining, I'm sick, and I'm in a beach house full of Things That Are Not Fun. And, since I can't talk to you in person, I'm ranting on the comments section of your blog. Oh, bother.

lozza said...

hey megs. so did you go back to our old school (so as not to name any names)?