Sunday, August 06, 2006

Games People Play

Last night, my friend Bernie came over for dinner and we all got talking about strange games we played as kids and their rules. This occurred because someone farted. I will not say who, but I will say that it wasn't me, because I'm still the kind of girl who goes to the bathroom to fart like a civilized person.

Anyway, Thomas was telling us that when he was a kid, they all played this game called doorknob. When someone farted, if you yelled "doorknob!" you got to beat the shit out of the farter until they reached a doorknob and touched it. Thomas said that many people began forecasting their farts by drifting toward doorknobs in mid conversation. You could also yell "Safety!" before someone yelled "Doorknob!" if you were the farter to escape a beating, however, I supposed that in doing so, you'd be announcing to the general public that it was you who farted, and not, as is commonly believed, that he who smelt it, delt it.

Bernie and I agreed that this seemed like a Southport game and never made it as far as DC (where I grew up) or Texas (Bernie).

We discussed "Jinx," as Bernie felt that if you were jinxed you had to be silent or buy someone a coke, as was shown on The Office. In our version of jinx, if two people said the same thing at the same time and one yelled "jinx!" the other could not speak until someone said his or her name. You could also yell "Personal Jinx!" and in that case only the jinxer could free you by saying your name.

In further discussion, we debated on whether you had to kiss (me) or punch (Thomas and Bernie) someone when calling a one-headlight "padiddle." We also found discrepancy over whether you had to lift your feet, touch the ceiling of the car and make a wish when: a. going over railroad tracks or b. going through a yellow light.

Can anyone vouch for these games or rules?


T. said...

Doorknobs are hot. Farting is not.

ashley said...

Yellow lights: touch the ceiling and make a wish (but usually about kissing)

Railroad tracks: lift your feet

And to add to the discussion...

Cemetaries: hold your breath (so as not to suck in someone's soul)

Cue Gal said...

I think I grew up with the same sorts of games/rules you did. There was far less punching involved -- though, come to think of it, not as much kissing either.

Yellow lights were slap the dashboard and make a wish around here. We also did the cemetary-hold-your-breath thing, nearly to the point of turning purple. Ah, childhood!

Cue Gal said...

Er, I meant less punching than in Thomas's version. Oops.