Thursday, June 22, 2006

Happy Birthday to Jina (and me)

Hurrah! It's Thursday and I am home! Fridays at my work are half days with no patients seen, so I'm looking forward to that.

Today Jina, one of my oldest friends, is in town and it is her birthday. I've known Jina since we were 6 years old and we've always enjoyed that our birthdays were only 2 days apart, thinking, in the way that only little girls do, that this somehow made us like twins. We haven't gotten to celebrate together in about 15 years. We're going to the Little Dipper, which should be nice. The last time that we were there, we sat in the window, and randomly, about 6 people I knew walked by. I kept having to stop the conversation and wave. This made me look incredibly popular which made me happy. I think Jina actually said, "Do you, like, know everybody here?" Why yes; yes, I do.

My birthday is Saturday and I will be 29, which I am very happy about. I love to get older. It makes all the mistakes I've made seem further in the past and less insane.


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penelope said...

Happy Birthday!!
I love your perspective on getting older. It makes me happy.

Cue Gal said...

Happy (early) Birthday! Celebrating to come! I'll call you, on that note, soon.