Friday, June 09, 2006

Unemployment Freak-Out Spaz-Attack

Oh, dude, I am in bad shape.

It's weird--I've never liked working. I have a lazy soul. I'm always the person who wants the least common denominator job: low responsibility, ability to call in sick, etc. But it seems that perhaps the last three years of high responsibility, high workload, no option to call in sick has taken its toll on my personality. Don't get me wrong: if for some reason I were suddenly rich and did not have to work, I wouldn't. My ultimate #1 dream is to be a housewife. If I were home right now because that was the plan, I'd be delighted. But knowing that I should be working right now and am not is making me insane. I can't enjoy any of my favorite stay-at-home activities. All I do is freak out. And do tons of laundry in order to somehow justify my existence.

Trying to stay off the internet in case future employer calls...My presence here may be spotty for a bit.


Cue Gal said...

THIS, right here, is why I have to move back straight away. At very least we could do laundry and freak out together. It's all I do when I'm home in cow country, too.

penelope said...

I highly recommend getting knocked up. That's all I'm saying.

daisy said...

Ok. I JUST went through this. I SWEAR it is WAY MORE FUN NOT TO WORK. Working sucks. I thought it would feel good or be rewarding or give me some self-worth. NO. NONE OF THOSE THINGS. Just because society makes you feel like you should be be working at all times does not mean it is true.

I did, however, gain ten pounds when finishing the book/not working. I am excited about the fact that they are disappearing again now that there is no time for a lunch break.

I no longer blog on my own blog. Just update through others.

Sorry. But seriously. Working is for suckas.

Cue Gal said...

I am thinking I agree with Daisy. Which is easy to say when unemployed. (ahem.)

Cue Gal said...

Although, on the weight subject, I put on weight when I was working. I'm thinking that is just because I was in hell.

And also, Penelope has a good point there too. ;)