Monday, June 05, 2006

Things that Suck

I seem to be suffering from some sort of ennui and cannot blog. Nothing of any interest seems to be happening to me and I feel kind of blah and un-funny. Some of you may think I'm blah and un-funny anyway.

My boring list of complaints includes unemployment and other financial woes, that I broke my favorite pair of flip flops, a strange and somehow disapproving conversation with my father, a car on its last legs, that my dog ate chocolate this weekend, the lost free email account (why does EVERYTHING this week have to cost money or involve money that I do not have now and fear that I will never have?)

Anyway, I just feel sad and cannot think of anything good to write about and yet I feel sad because I cannot write on the blog.

I'm going to go hide under my bed for a while. But then I have to walk 4 miles around Greenfield Lake. Another thing that sucks.

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