Thursday, June 01, 2006

Invalid Account

What a rude shock to come home yesterday and find that the free AOL I have enjoyed for 6 years was gone.

I was never really supposed to have it in the first place. My ex-husband worked for Time Warner Cable, and when AOL and Time Warner merged, he got a free email account. When we split up, he obviously kept the road runner and turned over the AOL to me. Shortly thereafter, he quit Time Warner Cable, but the email account never went away. I've been happily using it ever since. 6 years later, I'd kind of forgotten that I wasn't supposed to have it. I figured that system was never going to get audited if it hadn't already. But lo and behold, yesterday I tried to sign in and got INVALID ACCOUNT. hrm.

Now I'm considering DSL, as its cost per month is about the same as actually having to pay for AOL. Plus, then, I could join the rest of the world and blog at some sort of regular speed. Which would be good.

Still, though. I always did like free.

ps. To those to whom I recently gave my email address: yeah, that's wrong now. Put my middle initial in it (W, like our beloved president) and you'll have it.

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