Tuesday, June 13, 2006

This Could Only Happen to Me


Oh, dude.

So, I have a working interview tomorrow in a periodontist's office. I really like this place. I'm excited about it.

Tonight Thomas made a good dinner of sausage and peppers, and after dinner I had a spice stuck between my teeth. So I flossed, right? Like you do.

The spice has become stuck up UNDER MY GUM. It is my FRONT tooth. I can see it under there but I can't get it out. The floss just drives it farther out of my reach.

I am going to work in a gum doctor's office with a spice stuck up under my gum.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Have you tried pressing on it? That's my dentist's official solution for those sorts of mishaps, and I've been seeing A LOT of my dentist lately, so I can vouch for him. Unless my dentist is just PRETENDING I have cavities because he's trying to pick me up... Oh, gross! Dentist pickup!