Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Well, I interviewed twice today. Both went well. I'm going back for round 2 on one of them tomorrow, so that's hopeful. The other guy's secretary isn't leaving until she sells her house, but it seemed like he would call me, whenever that might be. Not that I'm holding my breath, but it's nice to feel some hope.

Currently stuck in my head: Slip Sliding Away by Paul Simon

Several weeks ago I had to do my EOC refresher course for the state, so that I can be allowed to give End Of Course exams during the summer. The woman who administered them had the strangest verbal tic I've ever heard. At the end of each sentence she'd say, "It is." Sometimes more than once!

Megs: So, on page three, I have to enter "4" for private school?

Lurleen: Yes, that's where you want to indicate that this is a private school. It is.

Megs: Okay.

Lurleen: We have to make that designation for the state, you know, for the recording of the scores. It is, it is.

Megs: No problem. Is there anything else new that I need to know about?

Lurleen: This will be the last year for testing in blank and blank. It is.

Megs: Really!

Lurleen: Yup, it is. It is. We're going to wrap those two up and start requiring higher scores in blank. It is.

I'm not sure I'm properly conveying the weirdness of this. I mean, sometimes when she said it, it made sense in context, but somehow the number of times she repeated it made it stop making sense. Like when you say your name too many times and it stops sounding like a word.

I knew it wasn't just me when I glanced over and saw my friend and fellow teacher, Kimberley, doodling "it is" in her notebook. If I'd had a notebook, I would have kept a tally. But I'm not all responsible like that. It is.

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