Tuesday, May 09, 2006

2 down, 98 to go

Whenever Thomas asks me what I want, I tell him that I want a pony, a barbie dream castle and 98 more dogs. Recently, he asked me, why 98? I said, because we already have 2 and I don't think I could remember more than 100 names. My only internal limit on the appropriate number of dogs to have is no more than you can remember the names of.
So, he challenged me to come up with 100 dog names, counting Gertie and Gonzo. Right now I have 73. Anyone have a favorite to suggest? I have this perverse hope that if I can come up with 100 names, we could have more dogs. Cause that's what I need.

Also, I just remembered that years ago, my friend Allen called me one day when I was upset. We talked for a while and then he asked me if another dog would make me feel better. I said yes to which he replied, "Great! Then you'll only be 97 away from being the crazy dog lady!"


Space Kase said...

How about Pepper? Sadie? MacKenzie? Harley? Duke? Deeogee (phonetic pronunciation of d-o-g, and my personal favorite)? Star? Beckett? I knew a dog named Beckett, which always struck me as very dignified. Shelby? I will help you get to 100. I feel a best friendly obligation. If we get more than 100, can I get the spillover?

daisy said...

Wait. Is it weird that I am super curious as to what the 73 dog names are? Can you pretty-please post them? (And I won't be offended if mine happens to be one of them; I'm sooooo used to it.)

Megs said...

Ack! Daisy, yours is one of them! I'm sorry! But I will post them anyway.