Wednesday, May 10, 2006

For Daisy, whose name is sadly on this list

As per Daisy's request, I am going to post the 73 dog names. Of course I must start with my own dog's names and like the doting parent I am, I must show them off.

Gertie ************* Gonzo

Ok, on with the list..

George, Pudge, Mr. Chips, Jezebel, Maybelline, Superman, Daisy (sorry!), Lariope, Helen, Angus, Arthur, Higgins, Fonz, Muttsy, Ginger, Boo-Boo, Flora, Lulu, Franz, Felix, Zippy, Dracula, Oscar, Yoda, Rodeo, Ferdinand, Frank, Groucho, Hazel, Junebug, Cooper, Zoro, Flopsy, Sambuca, Schmirnoff, Juniper, Roger, Bert, Lex, Stinky, Herman, Sadie, Ernie, Tully, Radar, Holly, Gretchen, Harry, Elmo, Clifford, Zinnia, Penelope (sorry again!), Athens, Zelda, Luigi, Aphrodite, Rugburn, Jim, Biscuit, Creme Brulee, Ant farm, Barbie, Catfish, Duncan, Beetle, Eleanor, Martha, Ferguson, Izzy, Rusty, Taz


daisy said...

I think naming your dog Stinky might be sort of mean. Kind of like naming your child Daisy. : ) Kidding. Love them. Thanks!

Oh - and go to this link:

to see the cutest dog EVER.

Megs said...

I was prepared to defend my dogs as the cutest EVER, but now that I've looked, I think you win.