Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mix Tapes=Love

Though most people inherently understand this and accept it as true, lately I have felt the need to reiterate this important fact. Mix tapes=Love. If he makes you a mix tape, your friendship has crossed into the murky no-man's land where anything can happen. If you share these mix-tape feelings, all the better. But otherwise...proceed with caution.

I've come to believe that like The Nod, the mix tape is a covert form of male communication. The message, whether it be "hey" in the case of the Nod, or "I love you" in the case of the mix tape, is recieved by the female, but she is never really sure why the message had to take such cryptic form.

Surely many people will try my faith by submitting instances in which mix tapes did not equal love...but I think, on the whole, you know I'm right.

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