Tuesday, May 30, 2006

This Cat is the Boss of Me

In fact, I believe this cat is the boss of everyone in our entire neighborhood. If there were a neighborhood association, this cat would be the president. Meetings would be held in his home, except, oops, that's my front garden.

He has dug out a little section of my garden that he likes to sleep in and created a hole in the lattice so as to be able to quickly escape underneath my house. This morning I found a big, nasty, coughed up hairball in my lantana. And yet, I cannot stand up to him.

When I come home from work, he stands up, meows angrily and stalks away, but the second I am in the house he comes immediately back and resumes his post, only giving me the illusion that I am in charge. My dogs bark unceasingly at him, but he just lays there blinking, as if to say, "Dogs are so pedestrian. How boring."

He is allowed complete reign over the entire neighborhood, sleeping on our cars, mating with our housepets, digging in our gardens. The feral cat population in this neighborhood is astounding. Between the train and the yowling, it's a wonder we sleep at all.

end rant.

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