Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Amazing Striped Woman

I am so in love with my digital camera.

I have this problem where I just refuse to want any new technology. For a long time I thought that it was somehow part of being an English teacher--you know how your English teacher could like, never even operate a tape deck? Some kid would always have to come up to the front of the class to push play? I thought my inner English teacher prevented me from understanding or desiring new, high-tech things.
But really, I think it may have been strange luddite tendancies in my parents that caused me to feel that no one needs these things. We never had cable or call waiting or a CD player. I didn't even own a CD player until 2001. I have no cell phone...I still use dial up....The little old man in me always says, "we got along fine without that all this time." Probably I just know how much I would enjoy these things and know I don't have the money so I pretend to disdain them.

But dude, this camera rocks. So please bear with me as I shower you with boring pictures.

My house!

My back garden: note hidey gnome

I grew an eggplant! (granted, I had to throw it in the trash, but still)

The lovely view from our back deck

My legs are stripey!


penelope said...

Your house is so flowery and happy! I love the stripey legs pic, too. It looks like you're wearing stockings.

Space Kase said...

Ok, so you know how we always talk about needing to know in which surroundings to picture the other when we talk? Now I have surroundings for you. Hooray! I guess I better get on the ball and send you some pix of my place.