Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Not much new going on. I seem to be cycling back and forth through the melancholy and productiveness of the last several days. Work sucks, but I only have a month left, so thinking about it inspires panic....

I did see a limosine getting towed by a towtruck yesterday and that was pretty cool...like an ant carrying away a french fry. While on the subject of limosines, I'd like to note that no matter how far you stretch an SUV, it's still not a limo. But thanks for playing.

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Kim said...

I rode in one of those Hummer limos last year for a wedding... the weirdest thing about it was that there was a dance floor in it, despite the fact that, not unlike a regular car, you cannot even really hunch over in it, let alone dance, unless you want to do a weird hunchy two-step.

I call those Hummer limos "Hummos."