Thursday, November 08, 2007

Faux Friday

Do you ever have one of those middle of the week days that just turns into Friday by accident?

My friend Michelle came over to walk this afternoon, and we walked, and then we bummed around on the internet for a while and talked and generally made me feel as if I hadn't been to work today but instead was having a super-fun time being Meg.

Then, as we stood on the front porch, I pondered the whereabouts of my neighbor, Paul, who works far, far away and occasionally comes home on weekends.

"I wonder if Paul will be home this weekend," I said.

"That is Paul," Michelle said.

"It can't be Paul. He'd never be home on a Thursday."

"It's me, you dumbass," said Paul. Not really. But he could have. Because it was Paul. And he doesn't have his kids tonight. So it's par-tay-time.

I love these nights, and yet tomorrow, I will hate this night with all my being. I have done no grading and nothing at all productive, and I have a big weekend ahead of me and drinking beer tonight is so not a good idea.

So, cheers.

Interestingly, two weekends ago, Paul had some friends filming a short film about garden gnomes in his yard. The filmmakers came over and borrowed a bunch of my gnomes to use and hey--now my gnomes are famous! The next day Paul went back to far, far away and didn't leave the house unlocked for the filmmakers so they came over and asked if they could use our power. We determined that their extension cords were way too short, and so, they filmed the rest of the film on our front porch. So hey--my front porch is famous too!


Andrea Q. said...

That makes two famous porches I've hung out on, then. Woohoo!

ps: Am jealous of your beer night. I sort of want in on that, but I'm tired and it's only 10:30. This is what comes of living with one's parents.

j. shelton said...

hey........ i had a faux friday too!
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