Tuesday, November 27, 2007

If I'm Dead Tomorrow, You'll Know Why

I know double posting during NaBloPoMo is a cardinal sin punishable by death, but DUDE.

The weirdest thing just happened.

Thomas and I were working with the TV on and he asked me what that noise was. I said I thought it was sirens and he turned off the TV so we could hear better.

It was CATS.

Multiple, multiple cats. All yowling and screaching and moaning and groaning and I have never, ever heard anything like it. If you listened closely, some sounded like babies crying. Some sounded like demons. Thomas said (and once I heard it, I couldn't stop hearing it) that one sounded like it was saying, "Help! Help!" over and over again.

If I'd had any way to record it, it would be on this blog right now.

Honestly, I got really scared in the middle of it. We went over to the window to get a better listen, and our dog started to cry, as if to say, Don't you see this is what they want you to do? And I started to imagine that at any moment the window was going to burst in and there would be a monster with its claws in my face.

Thomas went out onto the porch to hear and I wanted to scream, "NO! Don't do it!"

Then the (brave) neighbor came out and clapped his hands and cats scattered everywhere. Maybe they were witches. But the thought I kept having was...vampires.


j. shelton said...

wouldn't that be awesome? (i'm drunk off wine)

walk outside and see a bunch of vampires walking around sucking blood, drinking it outta wine glasses?

coming to attack your neck?


be cool

Amanda said...

that is very, very spooky...

velocibadgergirl said...

Maybe the cats were carrying on to scare the monsters and vampires off?

I LOVE cats, as you know, but they can make some freaky, freaky noises. Just reading this entry and imagining the one saying "help" and the one crying like a baby has all the hair on my arms standing up. GAH.

I'm so thankful that my own spoiled kitty is sleeping in a silent, rumply heap, right where I can see him!